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>_> the sirius bug has bit me again...

ok, so yea...i couldn't stay away from FIG any longer...the FIG BUG bit me.

so i'm working on chapter 9...



I feel like a bucket-O-poo...

Last night was our annual company party.  We always have it at Jillian's.  If you're not familiar with Jillian's it's like an adult "Chucky Cheese" or "Peter Piper's".  It's three stories, bowling alley on the bottom floor, but it's like a disco room, music playing, lights, you get the pictures.  Second floor is billiards and games and the bar, and third floor is the dance club.  Fun place I just tend to go a little heavy on the drink...hence my feeling like poo. 

Vodka was the snake that bit me.  Ouch.

I'm hoping to have pictures of our drunken debauchery tomorrow...ahh to get totally shit-faced with your co-workers.

So anyway, I wanted to just talk about something other than FIG and tell you it may be awhile before more FIG comes out (don't fret, it is not forgotten, I've got my layout for chapter 9 set).  I've got good reason tho, see...I think.  I've started an original story and for once I'm liking how it's turning out.  I've been working on the idea of writing an original story for months, hell it's probably been about a year now.  Well I never realized being creative and writing down your thoughts and ideas could be so bloody difficult!  But the past two weeks I've finally found my character's voice and I'm actually really happy with how it's going.  This character has been in my head since I was probably ten years old.  I'm not sure where he came from, but honestly, after writing him, I think he's a little part of me.  The way he thinks and feels are very much a part of me and when I'm writing him I completely lose myself.  It's mental.  He reminds me of Sirius sometimes, which I think is the reason I've always loved Sirius as a character...I always knew in the back of my head that my Daniel (he started out as Michael) was a non-magical Sirius.

I'm not sure if I'm going to post the story to my LJ, I'm going to wait and see how it goes and see what my "beta" says.
Who knows, it could be complete crap!

Well, yes...hello and Merry Christmas



Ok, so yes I'm like a week late.  But I was deathly ill (ok, it was a bad head cold but still) for the past two weeks and I really wanted to wish everyone best for the holidays...so...HAPPY HOLIDAYS!


Always a day late and a dollar (galleon? euro? pound?) short...

Sirius & The Mirror of Erised

I was thinking on my way to work today in traffic...yes, imagine that, I think.  So anyway, I was pondering what young Sirius would see if he looked into the Mirror of Erised.  I'd love to know what you people all think on this.  I have my own thoughts...some of which are that he'd simply make silly faces into it...but I've got more.

What are yours?

liek OMS fer sure!

OK, so I'm working on Chapter 8 and having a deeeelightful time with it (...I've got liek 14 pages so far, liek fer sure OMG...)  I have a feeling some of you might just die from the cute that is Regulus in this chapter.  I guess if one were to die, the best possible way is due to a "cute" overdose.  Poor, poor Reg, oh I just want to snuggle him.  Bella is...well, Bella in this chapter.  Five Black children trapped in Number Twelve for a rainy, summer afternoon.  Ahhh, the wonderful Black family...what fun they are to write.  

I'm thinking we'll find out more about Mrs. Black too, but I'm not sure yet.  I'll have to see if it will work for sure in this spot.  Hmmmm....yes we shall see.

On another completely different note, we went to a Scottish/Irish/Celtic Festival this past weekend in Tucson.  It was fun.  We ate fish & chips (loads-O-vinegar, thankyouverymuch), drank Irn-Bru, watched the Scottish Games, listened to some bagpipes, searched for our tartan (which by the way we don't have one, we were brandishsed "THE ENEMY" by a few of the clans we talked to for being English apparently). I got myself a Union Jack for the wall of my office and my son got this bronze medalion with a horntail dragon on one side and a griffin on the other, and my husband and I both got some pewter jewlery..so all were happy.  Anyway, dunno why I just told you all that, but it was a good day.  Beautiful weather too, 82 degrees and sunny....ahhhh, I love Arizona.  =D

woot woot toot toot


Chapter 7 is complete and I will be shipping it off to my beta most likely tonight or tomorrow.

This one was a killer, killer i say!



I found this link and this is soooooooo how I picture the marauders in Fading Into Grey.....enjoy!

Fading Into Grey Update Soon!

Hey guys, just a quick HELLO to all of you in cyberspace and to let you know that Chapter 7 for Fading Into Grey is about 80% done.  If I remember tonight I will post a little snippet (if I can find one I like well enough...)

Anywhoo, hope you are all peachy-dokey and I need to update on my FLIST sooooooooon!


Hey, check out ministry_memos if you like, it's cute.... =p
Okay so forever_red_5 and I have been busy little beavers...


"Memo to Black: You're an Idiot. -Love Red."

This whole thing started one day while bored in our own respective offices. We wondered what it would be like if Lily and Sirius worked together in an office...what kind of dynamic would that be? And thus, this project was born. So, if you are interested or just bored, go check it out. Memos between Lily and Sirius throughout the day as they slave away in their first year at the Ministry. We think they are quite clever, but then we are a tad biased. See for yourself....


(oh, and start at the bottom and work your way up)

(this is all nicked from soph's post....muahahaha, i'm so lazy!)

Sirius in eyeliner...

I've been thinking about this alot and it's quite frightening to think of my Sirius addiction really.  I really am mental and I actually have LJ friends who will stand (on their chairs) and second me on this. 

But just think, Sirius tall and gorgeous in all his glory, his ice-gray eyes and black hair, and freaking BLACK EYELINER lining his eyes.......can you imagine???


Anyway, I had to share that...  =)

FYI...Chapter 7 of FIG is probably about 50% complete.

OK, and I wrote this a long time ago, it's Regulus and Sirius in 5th and 6th year respectively...it will most likely end up in FIG so if you don't want to fast forward so far don't read it, but I quite like it and I wanted to share...